DebbieMilligan is the Executive Director of Healing Wings Ministries. She is both seasoned and impassioned as a performing artist. Her contemporary acoustic style compliments the genuineness of hersongwriting.  As an inspired writer,Debbie addresses real life issues with an openness and transparency that disarmsher audience. A Christian since 1980, Debbie has weathered many storms of life. A survivor of a fatherless childhood, teen years plagued with hard core drugs and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and multiple losses, Debbie shares her music and testimony from a healed heart now enriched with the love of Jesus Christ. Her music ministry, Healing Wings Ministries, is a ministry dedicated to the message of emotional healing, focusing on issues surrounding the wounded heart.

Debbiehas recorded four albums, “TeachMe to Dance in the Rain”, “SweetForgiveness”, “Belowthe Surface”, and her current project entitled, “Come On”. The song, “Teach Me to Dance in the Rain” is the title cut offher first project.  This isDebbie’s signature song, because it is a song that communicates joy in themidst of the storms- a message that she has mastered through her own life.

"I learned early on as a Christian that if I was going to have joy in the midst of the storms, I couldn't depend on the circumstances in my life. I learned that Jesus Christ is my source and as long as I stayed plugged into Him, I could experience joy, hope and peace no matter if it was raining or not. You see, we can dance in the storms of our life because God is the One that we dance with!"


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