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Project Restoration Update                                        August 25, 2009   

Project Restoration Vision

Restoration Celebration A funny thing happened in planning a little golf tournament fundraiser...it morphed into an annual networking event! Even though we absolutely need funds to continue the work God has called us to, we always find a way to look at the bigger picture and try to accomplish something God sized! Oh the possibilities if we could all just come together as a body.

Golf Tournament
The Annual Pastors Challenge Golf Tournament is designed to reunite church leadership and the church body in a fun and restorative manner while bridging Christian denominational boundaries. Our intention is to provide an opportunity for each congregation to say thank you to their Pastors through sponsoring a foursome in a friendly competition plus and enjoy relating to them in an entirely new setting.

Music Festival
Restoration Celebration is an offering of hope as we unite in love for the purpose of healing and restoring lives. Together we become the sweet fragrance of worship to Christ and the heartbeat of life to a community.

Project Restoration 2009
There was a strong sense of God's pleasure as people from different churches and denominational backgrounds came together in community for the purpose of healing and restoration. The Annual Pastor's Challenge was competitive and a lot of fun! Every golf cart had leader boards that enabled each foursome to stay informed of their opponent's scores. Unfortunately, no one was able to win the car at the 17th hole, but Julie McCready who "manned" the hole had great fun turning down all the offers to fudge a little! The "Cleric Cup" award went to Kevin Barosso's team.

Restoration Celebration lived up to its name. We had many ministries represented at Clement Park; each providing information on how their ministry was making an impact for Christ.
  • Joel Ryan, Regional Director for Prison Fellowship shared the significance of healing and restoration from a prison system perspective.
  • David Mporampora, Executive Director of ChristAid, talked about our partnership in Uganda and the role of the church in global unity. ChristAid and Compassion International, both present that day, are ministries that help break the cycle of poverty in third world countries by getting sponsorship for orphan children.
  • There were several ministries that focus on healing and freedom like The Healing Place from Activation Ministry Center and Pathway to Full Freedom.
  • Lost and Found and Colorado Christian Services who offer family counseling and child placement were there, along with the Teen Challenge Men's Center who deal with addictions.
  • Streets Hope specializes in rescuing women caught up in the nightmare of the sex trade and selling industry.
bandExcept for a small microburst that scattered every piece of literature on our Healing Wings table, the weather couldn't have been more perfect! The musicians were anointed, creating a wonderful environment of worship. Even though the attendance was not what we had hoped, those there were blessed under the open sky of God's handiwork. As Project Restoration came to a close, worship was elevated to high praise against the back drop of a spectacular sunset across the lake.

We introduced the Koinonia offering for the first time. (Koinonia is a Greek word that was used to explain how the 1st century church lived. It literally means: fellowship ▪ sharing ▪ unity ▪ communion ▪ contributory help ▪ participation.) This offering was a way to model our unity as the Church. If you had money to give, then you were encouraged to give. If you needed money, then you were encouraged to receive and be blessed.

I imagined the smile upon the Father's face as I looked out across the park to see people fellowshipping, praying for one another and simply enjoying themselves. I know these priceless moments will be cherished for a long time.
Restoration Celebration
We are excited about Project Restoration 2010! We have decided to move the music festival to a Sunday afternoon and keep the Annual Pastors Challenge on Monday to honor pastors on their day off. The targeted dates are June 13-14th, so save this date on your calendar! How's that for planning in advance!

We are in the process of paying all the vendors involved in this year's event. We were not expecting to sponsor 2 of the pastors foursomes personally, so if you feel led to help underwrite this year's event, financial contributions of any size would be greatly welcomed!

You can send a check to Healing Wings Ministries with Project Restoration in the memo section to: PO Box 11182Englewood, CO ▪ 80151-1182

Thank you to all who helped make Project Restoration such a special event! We simply could not have done it without your prayers, support and help. Not only were we able to launch it with just 2 months of planning, but I believe through this inaugural event, a solid and sturdy foundation was poured that will enable subsequent events to be built upon.

I personally walked away with something far greater than raising funds for our ministries. There was a deposit made in my heart from all the Kingdom partnerships we made. I have a profound sense of gratefulness for people and their willingness to be involved in God's Kingdom work. It has changed me! A greater awareness has risen up within me that we are all in this together. I have such a deep desire to see other ministries flourish in accomplishing the vision God has given them.
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