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"Come On"


1. Come On

2. Burn

3. Bursting

4. Risen King

5. Lean into Your Shadow

6. I Believe

7. Fall Like Fire

8. As We Are Known

9. Love Remains

10. Where Hope Hides

11. Place of Freedom

12. Wings of Every Storm


"Come On" is the long awaited album of Debbie Milligan and Kerry Conner. It is an invitation to all who long to be touched with mercy and have hope ignited. Every moment, every breath is an invitation to dance in the arms of Jesus- no matter if we find ourselves on the heights where eagles soar, or hunkered down in the trenches of uncertainty. Our hope is that through these songs you will hear the tender voice of the Savior above ours; His voice that bids us, "Come!" will cut through all distractions and break through each barrier so that your heart will be stirred by His holy presence and you will never be the same!  

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"Teach Me To Dance"

1. Teach Me To Dance In The Rain

2. Your Love is Amazing
3. Fill Me Up
4. Walking Through the Fire
5. On a Night Like This
6. Cause and Effect
7. Single Glimpse of You
8. Outlast Them All
9. Got Your Word on It
10. Morning By Morning



"Sweet Forgiveness"

 1. Come In From The Pain
2. Sweet Forgiveness
3. Rocked By The Storm
4. In The Eyes of Another
5. Take My Life
6. Faith is The Fire
7. Hell Bent But Heaven Bound 
8. The Light of Your Love
9. You Are The Lord
10. The Spark


"Below the Surface"


1. He Won't Let Go

2. The Hunger Stirs

3. Break My Heart

4. Slow Burn

5. I Bind This Day

6. My Jesus, I Love Thee

7. Arms of Love

8. Larger Than Life

9. Split the Night

10. Running in the Shadows

11. Wings of Forgiveness

12. I Choose Joy



“Below the Surface” is the fresh and unique acoustic sound of Debbie Milligan. These richly anointed songs are about a hunger and passion for God. “Below the Surface” is a call that rises up from the heart of God. We have become content with floating along the surface of mediocrity. We cling to the familiar. We’ve grown to love comfort more than the Comforter. This call beckons us to leave the stagnant waters and plunge into the rich Relationship that awaits us. Only as we abandon ourselves, letting go of convenience, letting go of our secure surroundings and thereby allowing God to untangle us from the familiar and comfortable, can we then anchor ourselves in the depths of Who He is. At last, we finally taste the sweet communion that we were created for. It is there that our destiny is fulfilled and our heart cry is silenced. Debbie not only communicates a challenging message, but also a healing reminder that the loving hand that holds us is the only security we need to leap into the depths that await us.




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