We have just returned from our road trip to Sturgis SD, Lame Deer Rez and Casper WY. MusicfortheSoul.JPG Debband.jpgOur time at the bike rally proved to be useful as we joined Overbey Ministries in providing music to counter the rally activity. Daily from 1pm-10pm Christian artists from all over the country participated in “Music for the Soul.”



HellsMongolwar.jpgLittle did we know on Wednesday, as our band did our evening set, that only 2 blocks away the Mongols MC entered the Hells Angels Clubhouse.  Needless to say, all war broke out as both outlaw clubs spilled out into the street. Sturgis’ Police force is thick in numbers during this annual rally, so they were on the scene within minutes.  There were multiple stab wounds as well as resulting arrests. What I find interesting is they were locked up in jail directly across the street from our stage.  Of course we capitalized on playing to a captive audience and preached to all those locked up. And we know it could be heard, because at one point the dispatcher complained they couldn’t hear the calls coming in!

When we weren’t doing music, we were walking around praying for people; either for their bikes, businesses or ministering directly to the heart. In conjunction with reaching out to the lost, we also ministered to people in full time ministry. No matter what city we found ourselves in, we found people in ministry beaten down and burnt out; people who have all but given up on what God has promised them; those who are broken down physically, wounded and sick.

After visiting Lame Deer, MT we ended our trip with a double concert in Casper WY where 2 people invited Christ into their lives.

Thank you for partnering with us during this 7 day journey. Your prayers surely made the difference!

Debbie Milligan and Healing Wings team

COMING UP: Prison event in Limon Correctional Facility

·         Please continue to pray in the financial resources needed to cover these kinds of outreaches.

·         We have all the people we need, now we need the funds to cover it!

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