A. To be a life-giving, fruit-bearing, nationally known ministry that flows in power and effectiveness worldwide.

1. Reaching out to the brokenhearted, the captives and the spiritually lost
2. Bearing fruit by bringing healing, restoration and freedom
3. Creating a rippling effect by equipping these to not merely be comfortable but to become comforters

B. This is a seven stream vision:

1. Concert Ministry
2. Missions Department
3. Counseling Center
4. Training & Equipping Center
5. Youth Program
6. Deliverance Program
7. Safe House for Women

1. Debbie Milligan Concert Ministry

This is the main river from which the other streams of Healing Wings will flow. Music is powerful and effective in creating a healing atmosphere, in which God's love can pierce and penetrate the wounded heart, by melting the walls that have held it captive for so long.

a. On-hands ministry through prayer and counseling
b. Equipping the church
Build ministry teams
Network churches to come together for the common purpose of healing the brokenhearted, and thereby break down the denominational barriers that segregate God’s people.
c. Concert ministry development
Take individuals who are called into this kind of ministry out on tour to enable them to get experience & develop as an artist
Send them out under Healing Wings Ministries
d. Roster of speakers and evangelists as well as artists

2. Missions Department- Networking with other Missions Organizations

a. Develop musicians and worship teams to be involved in short-term mission opportunities
Provide musicians with short-term missions opportunities Provide missions organizations with musicians to implement their programs
b. Support missionaries & send missionaries into the missions field
c. Native American missions
d. Prison ministries
e. Missions awareness programs
f. Fund raising for Bibles, tracts, etc. for existing missions

3. Counseling Center The counseling and prayer that I do after a concert is never a completed work. Usually it just gets the person started on the process of healing- setting them free enough to proceed to the next step.

There must be follow up:

a. To move into the next area of healing
b. To be equipped to be able to walk in this new freedom by reprogramming their minds, habits, responses, reactions, patterns to line up with the truth, which is the Word of God.
c. Enrolled into the Equipping and Training Center

Qualified counselors and therapists who also are specialized in the following specific areas:

*Domestic violence
*Ritualistic abuse
*Incest & sexual molestation
*Drug & alcohol addictions
*Suicide crisis
**Note- I’ve always been interested in the follow up. At one time I had wanted to research and provide a list of facilities in each city for follow up (counseling centers, safe houses w/ domestic violence programs, etc.) It was just too much work for one person to accomplish. The alternative was try to plug the person into the local church. Unfortunately, churches are not always equipped to do this kind of ministry.

4. Training and Equipping Center

6. Deliverance Program

This program will deal specifically with spiritual warfare and deliverance from demonic influence and oppression.
Once completed, the individual would then be enrolled into the Equipping and Training Center.

7. Safe House for Women

This will not only be a shelter to provide safety, but also:

a. Program to educate women on the cycle of abuse
b. Vocational program to teach them a skill to be able to support themselves and their children


C. Healing Wings Ministries is not just an outreach to individuals, but is also a ministry to the Church. We want to not only enfold, but we want to be used by God to equip Christians to carry out the Great Commission. The church is called to do the work of Jesus Christ. Jesus did more than preach the saving message of the Gospel. He also reached out and enfolded hurting people. He touched sin-filled lives, brought restoration and set them free. In John 14:12, Jesus says “anyone who has faith in me will do what I’ve been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”


D. Healing Wings Ministries also comes along-side other churches and ministries:

*To help them facilitate the vision to which God has called them.

1. Offering ourselves as a tool to help them accomplish their programs or develop their programs.
2. Offering financial support to help them carry out their vision
3. Refresh and encourage workers in service to God.

E. We will have a facility to implement this Seven-stream Vision

F. We will have a Chapel and weekly chapel service for staff and all persons involved

G. Strategically set up Healing Wings Centers nationwide




     Healing Wings Ministries, Inc.
P.O. Box 11182
Englewood, CO 80151
(303 789-0950